Our Farm

Set along the Slocan River in the Selkirk Mountains,
our farm really does feel like it is a Little Piece of Paradise.

Regenerative Farming & Sustainable Farming

Eight acres of land is not a lot for a farm. Vegetable farms need to be much bigger, luckily, herbs are happy in tight fitting spaces. We have about 10 separate fields on our land for growing different types of herbs (Meditteranean, native, an orchard with flowers, raised beds, medicinal, etc); an animal forest where our animals live when they are not grazing existing or new fields; and, a little island. To start growing on new grass covered land we put our goats and sheep, then our pigs, then prepare for planting. This fertilizes and prepares land without using a large tractor (we use a walk-behind tractor) and gives the soil life. We plant and harvest everything by hand.

Keeping a wildlife corridor through the property so that bears, cougars, deer, elk , beavers and more can easily move up the river that we sit on, is an important feature that we keep despite the risk to livestock (who are in their houses at night).

We are in the process of becoming organic and so use non-GMO organic seeds, no chemicals even in our fence posts, only approved organic soil, and process and dry our herbs with equipment that only touches our organic herbs. 

Wildcrafting on our land and leaving enough berries and rose hips for the birds in the winter each year are some more of the practices we use. 

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About Us

After years of living in Switzerland, a land rich in herbal culture, and Rob’s experience working on a herb farm there, when we moved (back) to Canada to start farming, we knew there was only one kind of farm we wanted.

Robert was born and raised in Dresden, Germany and Isabelle is a first-generation Belgian-Canadian. We met in Switzerland on a work conference in our previous jobs in Health & Safety. Soon after meeting it was clear we would start a farm, it just took another 3 years to get there.

We live with our 2 children, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 goats, 2 sheep, 14 chickens, 2 roosters, and 3 yearly pigs, surrounded by amazing neighbours in the Slocan Valley.

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