EHSS Consulting

Little Piece of Paradise Farm is actually made up of two certified Health and Safety Officers with degrees in Environmental Science, Security Management and Business. We love this work so consult on the side for various international clients with great success. We travel or connect from the farm to advise in risk assessments, legal conformity and campaigns.

Isabelle De Pauw

Specialized in CSR, Environment, Health & Safety

Isabelle followed her bachelor degree in Environmental Science and MBA specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility with eleven years’ experience in EHSS & CSR for three multinational companies. Her positions ranged from a large pharmaceutical industrial site to managing HSE globally for a luxury group. Her most recent position is HSE consulting for Richemont International SA.

Robert Popelka

Specialized in Security, Health & Safety

Robert is a certified security expert and safety officer with more than seventeen years experience in the security field; serving the military and working in high-risk/high-value industries on management level; employed by German and Swiss based multinational corporations. His most recent position was freelancing work through Deloitte Forensic and Corporate Security Advisory.

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