After years of living in Switzerland, a land rich in herbal culture, and Rob’s experience working on a herb farm there, when we moved (back) to Canada to start farming, we knew there was only one kind of farm we wanted.
Robert was born and raised in Dresden, Germany and Isabelle is a first-generation Belgian-Canadian. Growing up in a Belgian household in Vancouver and spending her childhood summers in Belgium, Isabelle moved to Europe after university and ended up spending 11 years living in Switzerland. The couple met in 2015 and Robert moved to Switzerland a year later.
Knowing they both wanted to farm, promote self-sufficient living and organic products, both quit their corporate jobs in 2019 and took the plunge. Liquidating what they could of their pension and using savings, they purchased a house on 8 acres of land in the Kootenays. They now live with their two children, numerous animals and WWOOFers. Rob’s daughters (Isabelle’s step-daughters) visit every summer. It is scary but exciting!

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